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Help Your Dog Realize its 'Fur' Potential



about Marsha Converse

After many years in corporate, I finally allowed myself to listen to what the universe had been trying to communicate to me for many, many years……to devote my life to the care and wellness of dogs in a bigger and more substantial manner. Animals have always played an important role in my life growing up in San Francisco, especially dogs and cats.  I grew up as an advocate and protector of dogs and cats and realized early on I had a talent for calming down a stressed animal and for comprehending what they chose to tell me.   *As a volunteer at my local animal shelter; Oakland Animal Services I feel  rewarded and honored to work side by side by such a devoted group of people and by a dogs positive response. Working at OAS I  found myself wanting to give in an even  more purposeful  way.  I discovered Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage in Elizabeth Colorado and I haven't looked back.  I am continuing my education studying how essential oils may benefit a dog and will soon be certified in Canine CPR.

I realized this summer while donating dog massage services at the Fire Evacuation Center during the Cold Springs Fire in Colorado and last year at the Lake County fire, just how stressed our companions can become.  As devoted as a guardian may be, a trained canine massage practitioner may pick up on nuances or missed communications that the owner has not. 

 I believe in a balanced approach to animal health care including good nutrition, exercise, training and preventative maintenance

* A portion of Good K9arma proceeds will be donated to Friends of Oakland Animal Services.