Good K9Karma - Dog Massage

Help Your Dog Realize its 'Fur' Potential




To many of us, there is no animal in our culture that lends itself to so much love as our faithful dogs, they are an extension of ourselves.

Animals like people experience stress, muscle tension, conformation and behavior issues and in general emotional swings.  GoodK9arma is all about providing your companion and friend emotional and physical health and so that they can realize their 'fur' potential.  Everyday touch can bring our dogs comfort, but massaging is done with intent and purpose and can provide more than comfort: Massage triggers a parasympathetic response of the dog’s nervous system. Massage increases blood circulation and flexibility and focuses on the soft tissue of the body, including the muscles. It plays an important role in post-surgery and post-injury rehabilitation, as well as in the treatment of more chronic conditions, such as arthritis, allergies, swollen joints and even dry, flaky skin can benefit from regular massage. Gingivitis (red inflamed gums) can also be treated with gentle, circular massage to the gums, which increases circulation. The emotional benefits are no less important; We expect dogs to be happy and good natured at all times but many dogs suffer from fears of abandonment, kennel stress, previous abuse, cultural stereotyping and socialization issues.  Many a dog will respond to a massage relaxation and engaging in needed release in the first session but most dogs will require more than one session to release and relax.   

 Animal massage is not a replacement for veterans care.