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Bosco came to us via PALS  & OaS as a Foster Jan 2016.  A plea went out to the volunteers at OAS to foster a long term kenneled dog.  Bosco was very sick with ear and skin issues.  He was extremely pink and tender and out of shape, he needed tlc to get healthy again. 

My husband and I took Bosco into our home with the intention of getting him better so he could find a home after being in the shelter almost a year. We had recently lost our dog, Joey to old age and we were not ready to adopt.  Although bosco's age was put at 3 yo, everything appeared new to him outside the shelter. He didn't know he was supposed to climb into the car, his paw pads were tender and pink from no excercise.  he trembled and would stop and crouch on our tile and hardwood floors, he jumped at his own shadow on walks, he cried through the night for at least two weeks and would stick to me like glue, staring at me as I tried to work, with the most pitiful stare. About the only thing we were sure of was he was used to sleeping on furniture because he looked really comfortable on our new couch. Although the plan was to get him well and find him a permanent home we became a foster fail. when the time came we couldn't let him go.  He had already claimed us and we him.

Fast forward 9 months......Bosco spent the summer at our cabin in the mountains of Colorado at an elevation of 8600 ft where He was able to build strength and  endurance.  he now hikes long distances and even higher elevations.  his paw pads are now rough and calloused like they should be.  He fell into the creek the beginning of the summer when the current was rather moderate and he gave us all a scare so we enrolled him in swimming lessons.  Whereas before he was repelled by water and wouldn't go near it, he now seeks it out.  He craves the hilly forest and wild smells so much he would wander off to explore all day if we let him.  Bosco has made friends with all the local dogs.  He is no longer afraid of floors or his shadows.  His allergies are gone, he has a beautiful coat. Bosco was always sociable and tolerant but now he is also confident and loved.

Bosco's health and immune system improved with a combination of massage,  diet, exercise and love.

January 2016 - Before

Present 2016