Good K9Karma - Dog Massage

Help Your Dog Realize its 'Fur' Potential

INITIAL VISIT > The first visit is always at least an hour.  Pet's health history and personal information are recorded as well as any conformation issues.  If a massage is part of post op treatment or dog has had a recent illness or injury, guardians  permission will be requested to consult your veterinarian prior to any treatments.  

CONNECTING > Massage is never forced. Every effort is made to connect with dog to ensure he/she gets the most from the session.  A quiet comfortable space is optimal whether in your home or my studio.  The focus is on your dog. 

Essential oils , music and energy work may be incorporated to enhance the experience for your dog and to help them relax.  


Therapeutic massage is relaxing, promotes general wellbeing, boosts the immune system and increases circulation,  Digestion, and muscle tone. Therapeutic massage involves long strokes and kneading techniques used on the muscle layers, releasing toxins from the tissues and supplies nutrients to the muscles. This is a good first visit massage and helps dogs in general become trusting and sociable and can create a better overall quality of life for them.


The sports massage is designed to heal and prevent further injuries by warming up the dog's muscles with gentle acupressure which increases blood flow.  It helps to prevent stiffness and soreness in the dog.  Sports massage can enhance performance and prevent injuries in weekend warrior canine athletes, show and service dogs. 


Dogs are living much longer today due to advances in veterinary technology, better nutrition and medical care.  Therefore it is increasingly important to find ways to help older dogs maintain their health and vitality.   Gentle pressure to release the muscles and alleviate pain and can be used in conjunction with therapeutic massage.